Seminar series TRR 305: Striking a moving target: From mechanisms of metastatic organ colonisation to novel systemic therapies

Datum: 6. Dezember 2023Zeit: 15:00 – 15:45Ort: Henner Farin, PhD, Frankfurt I hybrid

Wednesday, 06 December 2023 15:00 h

hybrid (on site in Erlangen) TRC Auditorium Translational Research Center,

Raum 0.010 Schwabachanlage 12, 91054 Erlangen

Henner Farin, PhD Georg-Speyer-Haus Frankfurt

Institute for Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapy

Targeting therapy resistance in colorectal cancer derived organoid-stroma models

Dr. Farin and his team study cellular and molecular processes involved in the development of colorectal cancer. Main research focus is the communication of cells within the tumor microenvironment. Patient-specific organoid models are established by expansion of primary cells from tumor tissues. Biobanks of organoids and other stromal cells then are used to model tissue interactions that affect tumor characteristics and response to therapy, including immunotherapy. Genetic and pharmacologic perturbation experiments are performed to overcome resistance and identify context-specific tumor vulnerabilities.


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6. Dezember 2023
15:00 – 15:45

Henner Farin, PhD, Frankfurt I hybrid