OICE: In vivo Imaging

Okt 21
21. Oktober 2020 16:00 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr

The Future of In vivo Optical Imaging

Come and learn about the unique capabilities of in vivo optical imaging!

Extremely sensitive: detection of molecular-level reporters (bioluminescent or fluorescent) gives early detection of pathologies, weeks before MRI or microCT.

• Fast imaging: images acquired in seconds, allowing real time dynamic imaging.
• High throughput workflow: as many as 10 mice or 3 rats imaged at a time.
• Non-invasive: single group of animals per test treatment may be monitored over entire time course of study–fewer animals per study, statistically tighter data.
• Whole animal imaging: comprehensive biodistribution monitoring of target cells and test therapeutics.
• Applications: wide array of oncology, inflammation, and bacterial infection models.
This is a special opportunity to talk with a Lead Applications Specialist, Andrew Van Praagh, from Spectral Instruments Imaging. Bring your questions and curiosity!